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LMGE is a building engineering, consulting and assessment firm specializing in the following areas:

Building Maintenance Management
  Organisation, ongoing support and supervision of maintenance work; implementation of CMMS (computer maintenance management software tool), maintenance planning, management of work orders, organisation and filing of information, stock management, energy and water management, etc.
Building Operation
  Responsibility for day-to-day operations (when justified by critical or technically complicated operational concerns, e.g. data centres) ensuring best possible performance of technical installations, optimal consumption rates and any support necessary for maintenance work; immediate action in case of a malfunction; contact with official entities, etc.
Building Maintenance Projects
  Inventory of equipment; defining of maintenance tasks, frequency of implementation, professional skills, estimated execution time; establishing of appropriate Service Level Agreements (SLA); launching of competitive bids for maintenance contracts.
Retail - Technical Management of Small Spaces
  We follow your Store’s life cycle, continually ensuring its best operational conditions...
With this service, LMGE wants to fill in a gap identified in the market for several years and simultaneously expand their scope of intervention, providing a technical support service to stores, agencies, units and other small spaces, from their opening or remodeling, through the project management of various technical installations (HVAC, Electrical, Security, Water and Sewerage), supervision of the work, to operational day-to-day monitoring (maintenance management and maintenance) and energy management .
These services comprise Procurement, provision of web-based tools, regular operational monitoring reports (control costs), help-desk and energy efficiency improvement.
This service is structured in three modules, which may be provided independently from each other:
      . Maintenance Management Preventive Maintenance + Operation + + Energy Management;
      . Corrective Maintenance + Helpdesk +;
      . Projects and Works Management.
Head of Technical Operations (TRF) - HVAC systems
  Responding to a legal requirement set by Law Decree 79/2006 of April 4th (RSECE), and within maintenance management services, LMGE renders its services as Head of Technical Operations of HVAC systems (TRF).
The Head of Technical Operations of an office building is duly qualified to ensure the proper functioning of HVAC systems, including its maintenance and indoor air quality, as well as management of such information, and is responsible for drawing up a preventive maintenance plan. To perform this task, these technicians must fulfill  the qualifications required by law (Article 21, paragraph 6, DL 79/2006 of April 4).
Environmental and Energy Assessment
  Delineation of energy and water consumption, evaluation of energy efficiency, evaluation of regulatory compliance, steps for maximizing energy use, energy consumption and environmental impact studies, solutions for making use of renewable energy sources, establishing consumption profiles per building and comparison with current data, etc.
Energy Audits (under SGCIE)
  Law Decree 71/2008 of 15 April regulates the Energy-Intensive Consumption Management System (SGCIE). This system applies to facilities with energy-intensive consumption of over 500 toe (ton oil equivalent) per year, aiming to promote energy efficiency and monitor energy consumption of energy-intensive facilities.
The energy audit under SGCIE comprises detailed survey of all aspects of energy use, in order to characterize the different energy systems and equipment in the energy-intensive consumption facility (including the establishment of correlations between intakes of energy and corresponding yields and overall energy efficiency indicators of the facility) and to identify technically and economically feasible  measures in order to increase energy efficiency and / or reduce energy costs associated with the activities of the referenced facility.
Building Condition Assessment
  Detailed systems assessment, efficiency and performance assessment, diagnosis of malfunctions, problem-solving study and development, etc.
Maintenance Assessment
  Assessment of equipment condition and maintenance procedures in place, identification of malfunctions and zero fault cost estimates for repairs, cost estimates for preventive and corrective maintenance, cost estimates and replacement schedules for worn out equipment, etc.
Project Management
  Ensure quality in your refurbishment, from the the end.
Project Management either of technical facilities or comprehensive building refurbishment, following every step of the process and taking accountability for:  
   . Project
   . Procurement
   . Supervision
   . Commissioning
Due Diligences
  Assessment of heritage status (in the areas of construction and technical installations), including analysis of existing documentation and the physical inspection of all components; identification of anomalies, presentation of respective cost estimates for repair, defining of degrees of priority, etc. 
Maintenance Consultancy
  Support in the definition of maintainability conditions, access needs, etc.
Analysis of maintenance organisation, of the structure and size of management and maintenance teams, of communication and information systems; solutions to streamline planning, division of tasks, establishing routines, etc.  
QAI - Indoor Air Quality
  HVAC systems must ensure good indoor air quality, be risk-free to public health and enhance comfort and productivity in indoor environments.
Hence, DL 78/2006 (ESA) requires the intervention of skilled manpower (qualified experts) and an independent assessment of Indoor Air Quality in buildings, comprising the inspections under Energy Performance Certification also this component.
LMGE now has the technical and human resources (qualified experts) to carry out this mission by ensuring, through complementarity and integration with the Energy Performance Certification services already provided, a more rapid process and at a lower cost to clients.
Moreover, these services can be rendered independently and may not be related to the requirements of the Energy Certification System.
Head of Electrical Instalations operations (TREIE)
  Regulatory Decree 31/83 of 18 April set the conditions in which intervention by a Head of Electrical Installations Operations (TREIE) in buildings is required.
LMGE provides its clients the services of a certified responsible for the inspection of electrical installations with the required frequency according to the characteristics of the facility, in order to carry out the regulatory tests and measurements.
  Nowadays, thermography, thermal imaging and thermal video play a key role in the area of preventive maintenance: A thermographic analysis of a building allows, in a non-intrusive manner, to detect problems as diverse as lack of insulation in roofs and facades, walls and roof leaks, ruptures in tanks, boilers, water pipes or air conditioning systems.
Currently LMGE possesses the technology which, along with the skills of its technicians, allows the client who acquirers such service to avoid in a simple manner, but with remarkable effectiveness, many common problems in building maintenance.
Facility Management
  Responsibility for the general performance of services (such as safety, cleaning, landscaping, vending, etc) to support building occupants.
ESCO (Energy Services Company)
  Save money while saving the environment ...

Inserted in its area of knowledge par excellence - energy performance in buildings and study and application of measures for their optimization, especially in the field of utilities - ESCO came like a natural step in the development of the activity of LMGE.
ESCO (Energy Services Company) companies provide energy services and / or other measures to improve energy efficiency in the premises of a client, basing their payment on energy efficiency improvement and other agreed performance criteria, so the return on investment and payment of rendered services are primarily based on the avoided energy costs.
LMGE is also present in this sector as a measurement and verification (M&V) expert, acting as an impartial third-party to support stakeholders in ESCO contracts, particularly providing technical and financial advice on profitability and viability of the proposed energy services, setting and / or coordinating the application of the energy efficiency improvement measures, supervising or validating energy consumption monitoring and performance of energy savings measurement and / or calculation of actual avoided costs.
In LMGE, ESCO business emerged from the company’s expertise...


LMGE develops solutions to meet the needs of its clients, guaranteeing meticulous analysis, appropriate solutions and ongoing support during the implementation phase.
Please submit your request for more specific information on any of the areas mentioned:

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