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12/2010 Energy Audit to the MARL complex

LMGE performs energy audit and advises on energy management

LMGE was appointed to perform an energy audit and a Rationalization Plan of Energy in the Mercado Abastecedor da Região de Lisboa (MARL), as well as energy monitoring and management in a later stage.
These services, driven by SGCIE (Intensive Energy User Management System) Regulation, comprise, in an initial stage, a detailed survey of all energy usage aspects, in order to characterize the different energy systems and equipment in the intensive energy user facilities and identify technical and economically feasible measures in order to increase energy efficiency and / or reduce energy bills associated with the activities of the facility. In a later stage, LMGE will provide technical consulting services on energy management, including consumption analysis, consumption monitoring plan watching, consumption allocation to cost centers, development of pointers like kWh/produced unit or kwh/m2, electric bill confirmation, consumption statistics, support  on energy usage issues, etc.
Inaugurated on July 3, 2000 as a commercial complex dedicated to the agri-food wholesale trade sector, MARL has a total of 84,000 m2 of shopping area, 18 km of boulevards and 9,000 parking spaces.

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