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06/2011 Gerard Bailey joins the LMGE team

LMGE has recently invested in two service growing areas namely, Water Assessment and Control and Indoor Air Quality Management.

Sensitive to the growing concerns of its customers regarding health conditions and indoor environment quality in buildings, LMGE has a new Projects Coordination Unit of Air Quality and Water Management. This new development will be located within the existing Department of Audit & Energy, thus aiming to the wholescale development and growth of this business segment.
Since the 1st of June Gerard Bailey has  joined in its workforce team, Gerard, has a M.Sc in Environmental Sciences from Trinity College, of the University of Dublin, and over 17 years of professional experience in this area of activity (Indoor Air Quality, Water Risk Assessment, Bacteria disinfection etc,.). Dr. Bailey will coordinate the Projects of Air Quality and Water Management, leading a young team specifically dedicated to this field of knowledge. 
The Audit & Energy Department has also acquired new testing and monitoring equipment’s for air and water environments. It has also signed protocols and with national and international laboratories, thus ensuring the provision of our services with the quality and technical rigor required both internally and by our clients.
Combining our expertise in buildings with this new competence, our new services to be offered include:
      - Indoor Air Quality analysis;
       - Water Quality Testing;
       - Building Ventilation procedures;
       - Water treatment including legionella procurement protocols and chemical disinfection;
       - Chemical supply to buildings; 
       - Onsite and Offsite Environmental data monitoring;
       - Air duct analyses (video and cleaning);
       - Related consultation services;

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