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09/2011 Specializing in Data Data Centre’s assigned by the Uptime Institute

LMGE is the only company using its technical design of data centers which the Uptime Institute in Portugal has accredited.

Aware of the growing importance of strategic and data centers today, LMGE continually tries to anticipate future requirements, ensuring the present resources and skills are capable of ensuring the provision of excellent services to their onsite premises of this nature.
 As a result of its internal policy of appreciation for its employees, LMGE are very proud to be part of this primary group  specialists in Portugal concerning the  Data Centres Project recognised by the Uptime Institute (
 Founded in 1993, the Uptime Institute international research center focuses its research on data centers, information technologies and facilities interfacing, and how both affect the cost, reliability and energy consumption in the computer universe, which pioneered many creations and there after became a benchmark within this industry.
 Also as a result of this recognition, LMGE is now established as a preferred  partner with the  Uptime Institute, offering its customers the implementation of projects according to internationally recognized best practices and support for the certification of data centers.
 As in other areas in which it operates, LMGE favors “in house” skills. Associating an important motivational factor for these talents and combining with the internal distribution of resources and skills they acquired, LMGE power while retaining your talent and the generation and emergence of new values.

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